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Hills EC3000 Electronic Air Compressor


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Hill’s Electronic Air Compressor

The first fully automatic electric air compressor from the world’s leading manufacturer of Air Rifle Pumps, The Hill Pump.

It has been a long time coming, but Hill’s are very thorough engineers and like to get things right first time.

The Hill’s Compressor uses newly Patented Technology developed specifically for this project, the unit is completely

unique and literally looks after itself; monitoring air pressure and temperature it will automatically shut off when your

desired fill pressure is reached.

It will also automatically protect itself against excessive temperature by pausing and entering an auto-

cooling cycle whenever necessary.

• Automatic pressure shut off

• Automatic thermal protection

• Max pressure of 4500psi

• Fully portable <25kgs

• Manufactured in Sheffield, England in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards

• Fully CE marked and certified, and has undergone 100’s of hours of testing

• Powered by a dedicated 220v 50Hz motor

Fill rates are from 0 to 3190 psi (220bar) at room temperature.

• Fills a standard Air Pistol in 1m 30

• Fills a standard Air Rifle in 3m 30

• Top up an Air Rifle from 100-250BAR in around 1m 30s

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